Dan Lv (2019)

Dan Lv

Dan received her B.S. from Anhui Normal University in 2017 and M.S. from Nanjing Forestry University in 2019. 

Now she joined the Dianyi Liu Lab as a PhD student.

She is interested in integrated sweat-based wearable sensors research.

Dan Lv, Miaomiao Zhu, Zhicheng Jiang, Shaohua Jiang, Qilu Zhang, Ranhua Xiong, and Chaobo Huang*. Green Electrospun Nanofibers and Their Application in Air Filtration, 

Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 2018, 1800336-1800354.

Dan Lv, Ruoxue Wang, Guosheng Tang, Zhipeng Mou, Jiandu Lei, Jingquan Han, Stefaan De Smedt, Ranhua Xiong*, and Chaobo Huang*. Ecofriendly Electrospun Membranes 

Loaded with Visible-Light-Responding Nanoparticles for Multifunctional Usages: Highly Efficient Air Filtration, Dye Scavenging, and Bactericidal Activity, ACS Applied 

Materials & Interfaces, 2019, 11 (13), 12880–12889.

3. Guosheng Tang, Ranhua Xiong,
Dan Lv, Ronald X. Xu, Kevin Braeckmans, Chaobo Huang*, and Stefaan C. De Smedt*. Gas‐Shearing Fabrication of Multicompartmental

 Microspheres: A One‐Step and Oil‐Free Approach, Advanced Science, 2019, 1802342-1802351.

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