Na Wen (2020)

Na Wen

Na received her B.S. from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2015 and M.S. from Nankai University in 2018. 

During the period of master, she studied in the Academy of Military Medical Sciences as joint training student. 

Na was interested in membrane material research and biomedical materials research during undergraduate and graduate student period. 

She worked in BGI for stLFR project between 2018 and 2019. 

Na joined Dianyi Liu Lab in 2019 as a research assistant and enrolled as the PhD student in 2020 at Westlake University.


1. Na Wen, Yansheng Dong, Rui Song, Wenpeng Zhang, Chao Sun, Xiaomei Zhuang, Ying Guan,* Qingbin Meng,* and Yongjun Zhang,*. Zero-order release of gossypol improves 

its antifertility effect and reduces its side effects simultaneously, Biomacromolecules, 2018, 1918-1925.

2. Ya-Nan Zhao, Xiaoyu Xu, Na Wen, Rui Song, Qingbin Meng, Ying Guan, Siqi Cheng, Danni Cao, Yansheng Dong, Jiankun Qie, Keliang Liu & Yongjun Zhang*, Constant and 

sustained release of peptide drug from dynamic films, scientific reports, 2017, 5524.

3. Na Wen, Cunbin Zou, Ying Guan, Yongjun Zhang, Qingbin. Meng, Keliang Liu*. The design and activity of a novel antimicrobial peptides CATH-2. Under review.




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