Jingyu Chang (2023)

Jingyu Chang

Jingyu Chang received her B.S. from Henan University of Science and Technology in 2020 and M.S. from Southern University of Science and Technology in 2023.

Her pervious study is mainly focused on the electrospray printing of quasi-planar heterojunction organic solar cells.

She is now a Ph.D. student at Dianyi Liu Lab.

She is interested in the flexible devices and organic solar cells research.


1. Jingyu Chang, et al. Quasi-monochromatic light absorption for characterizing the thickness and distributions of donor and acceptor components in the organic solar cells. To be submitted.

2. Yaxing Li, Kai Chang, Jingyu Chang, et al. Printed Kirigami Organic Photovoltaics for Efficient Solar Tracking[J]. Advanced Functional Materials, 2022, 32(34):2204004.

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